​Structured settlements are periodic payments designed to meet the future needs of claimants. The payments can be scheduled for any length of time, including the claimant’s lifetime.

Benefits to the claimant:
  • Claimant receives money that will cover future financial and medical needs.
  • Provides an opportunity for significant federal income tax savings.
  • Claimant avoids the risk of mismanagement of funds.
  • Payments can be made for a claimant’s entire lifetime, and can be set up so that guaranteed payments continue to a beneficiary. Under this option, the claimant cannot outlive his/her payments.
Benefits to the defendant:
  • Presents a creative tool for settlement
  • Helps resolve cases earlier, which may result in cost savings
  • Offers greater economic benefits at a reduced cost
  • Bridges the gap between demand and offer
  • Upholds Liberty Mutual's reputation for doing the right thing for the claimant
Benefits to the court and society:
  • Protects minors and the severely injured
  • Clears docket faster
  • Reduces expenses of public funds for trial
  • Reduces potential for state assistance