​​​Liberty Life’s broad portfolio offers a range of life and annuity products that help our customers live financially safer, more secure lives. Our products are designed to be easy for you to sell, and easy for customers to buy.

Term Life Insurance
Liberty Series Passport Term offers dependable, affordable coverage to meet temporary needs. Our Passport Term policies are an attractive option, offering a choice of riders to tailor coverage, an option to continue coverage and built-in conversion guarantees.

Permanent Life Insurance
​Liberty Series Whole Life offers level premiums, strong guarantees and valuable, lifelong protection with options that help customers choose the right guarantees and cash value to fit their needs.

Single Payment Whole Life Insurance
Liberty Series Estate Maximizer Next Generation® is an innovative, single payment whole life policy that offers a guaranteed death benefit larger than the single payment, making it a great solution for wealth transfer. Its ePass online submission process requires just seven medical and health related questions and an approval decision in 10 minutes or less.

Permanent Life Insurance: Universal Life
Liberty Life’s Spirit Series Universal Life products can offer affordable lifelong protection, cash value and strong lapse protection features that can be attractive first options for young families and individuals. Customers can adjust their premium levels and increase or decrease the face amount if necessary to tailor their coverage to fit their needs. 

Deferred Annuities
Liberty Life’s Freedom Series Annuities offer customers a safe way to accumulate funds for retirement. They also provide the security of tax-deferred growth with guaranteed interest rates along with the opportunity to generate a stream of income for life.

Structured Settlements
Liberty Life is positioned to write annuities that fund both qualified and non-qualified assignments. We're able to provide an exceptional measure of security to our structured settlement customers with a guarantee by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company.